Dark eye circle removal treatment-$45

Dark Eye Circle Removal Treatment $45

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Dark circles under the eyes can age you or make you look tired or even ill, when in fact you are neither. As the skin under the eyes is the thinnest of the face, they are more susceptible to damage from the sun that often leads to an overproduction of pigments in the skin under the eyes. This results in the appearance of dark eye circles. Aging can also worsen pigmentation of the eye area. In addition, aging results in the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Poor blood circulation is also a major cause of dark under eye circles. As the skin around your eyes is very thin, the dark patches you see may actually be blood capillaries. Fully oxygenated blood is red, but capillaries carrying oxygen-depleted blood are often closer to the surface of the skin giving it a bluish in color. This is what commonly causes that dark blue or purplish tint to the under eyes.

We utilise clinically proven under eye whitening treatment to target only the dark patches under the eyes and at the same time, aid in improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is simple and quick with almost no downtime.


The treatment works by delivering heat energy to the dark excess pigment cells that causes them to disperse into tiny fragments where creams and products cannot reach. These fragments are then naturally eliminated by your body as waste. The dark pigments will start to rise and flake away from the skin’s surface. When they completely flake away, you will be left with lasting clear and brilliant complexion. Dark pigments that have been removed are unlikely to return after your pigmentation treatments. The treatment also helps thicken the skin under the eye by rebuilding the under layer of collagen support - reducing fine lines as well as hiding the blood vessel pooling under the eye.

Most patients can see results as early as 3 weeks. You will continue to see improvement after every session.

*The response to treatments are variable, therefore results can vary.


Our treatments are fuss-free with little to no-downtime and are designed for busy executives who want to look good on the go. From our doctors to our equipment, each step of your treatment incorporates attention to detail and is tailored to your skin. Whether you are looking to refresh your appearance, reverse skin ageing or improve your skin health, we’ve got you covered!


Is the dark circle removal treatment painful?
The treatment is very well tolerable by most of our patients. You might experience a warm tingling sensation during the treatment.

Are there any side effects for dark circle removal?
You will receive a consultation prior to the treatment to ensure your suitability. The procedure is done by our experienced Ministry of Health (MOH) certified doctor who is registered with the Singapore Medical Council. Our trained and experienced doctors have in-depth knowledge of aesthetic treatments and the facial anatomy.  

Is there any downtime for dark circle removal?
There is usually no downtime associated with the dark eye removal treatment. For people with extremely sensitive skin, you may experience temporary mild redness after the treatment but it should subside in a few hours.

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