Tattoo removal treatment-$128

Tattoo Removal Treatment $128

FDA-cleared, medical-grade laser and proven

Effective Tattoo Removal

If you regret having a tattoo, whether it was from your earlier years or a more recent acquisition, it no longer needs to be permanent. Medical-grade laser is a popular, safe and effective method to significantly reduce its appearance. We utilize clinically proven technology to send short bursts of controlled high-energy pulses to gently break down the tattoo ink into tiny fragments. This is done without damaging your surrounding skin. The tiny fragments will then be naturally removed by your body immune system.

What to expect?

Prior to any treatment for tattoo laser removal, a personal consultation and tattoo assessment is required so that we can tailor a treatment plan specifically to you. The consultation is an informative process and you will be free to ask any questions your may have regarding the process.

Tattoo Removal myths

Myth #1: Old tattoos are more difficult than removing newer ones.
Reality: The opposite is actually the case. Older tattoos are typically easier to remove because the ink has often faded overtime.

Myth #2: Tattoo laser removal will scar my skin.
Reality: As medical-grade laser such as the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser only targets the top layer of your skin, scarring is not a common problem. Additionally, medical-grade lasers are regulated by the FDA and undergo rigorous quality control inspections to ensure that they do not cause scarring or other skin problems.

Myth #3: I can remove my tattoos with tattoo removal creams.
Reality: There has been no evidence to prove that these creams work to remove ink from tattoos. Creams that use bleach or other abrasive chemicals may have several undesired side effects such as irritation and swelling.

Myth #4: Anyone can remove a tattoo.
Reality: Spas and non-doctors are not allowed to use the most effective types of tattoo removal lasers in Singapore. This is due to strict regulations by health authorities. Doctors have to undergo specific training and certification to operate lasers in Singapore.

Myth #5: Tattoo can be completely removed in one session.
Reality: Although medical-grade tattoo lasers can come close to achieving maximum tattoo removal in a session depending on the size and density of the tattoo, a course of treatments may be prescribed for optimum results.


Is tattoo laser removal safe?
Tattoo laser removal is a simple and safe procedure done with medical-grade and FDA-approved lasers. The procedure is done by our experienced Ministry of Health (MOH) certified doctor who is registered with the Singapore Medical Council.

Is tattoo laser removal painful?
There may be some mild discomfort but numbing cream will be applied before the treatment.

Will tattoo laser removal cause scarring?
Tattoos are scars. So actually you are removing your scars! Rest assured that the laser is specifically designed to target your tattoo and will not damage your surrounding skin.

What is the treatment interval for tattoo laser removal?
The ideal interval using medical-grade tattoo lasers is about 6-8 weeks.

How many sessions do I need for tattoo laser removal?
Depending on the size and density of the tattoo, most of our patients see visible reduction after a session. However, a course of treatments may be prescribed for optimum results. A consultation and assessment is necessary so that you can be extensively evaluated and receive appropriate recommendations.

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