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8 Medical Aesthetic offers the complete array of non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures. From our doctors to our equipment, each step of your treatment incorporates complete attention to detail.

8 Medical Aesthetic offers the complete array of non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures. From our doctors to our equipment, each step of your treatment incorporates complete attention to detail.

Dr. David Deng

Dr David Deng has a practice focus on Facial & Body Aesthetics, specialising in acne scar treatment, botox, fillers, thread lifts and non-invasive fat reduction techniques.

David obtained his medical degree from the National University of Singapore. He then went on to obtain the prestigious post-graduate surgical qualifications from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).

David was subsequently handpicked as a Surgery-In-General Resident. He underwent extensive training in various Surgical specialties. Whilst training, he was awarded a scholarship and completed an elective posting in General Surgery at Harvard Medical School's teaching hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition, David was awarded the prestigious TEDMED Front-Line Scholarship by Cleveland Clinic.

Being an avid photographer and President of his high school's photography club, David developed a keen eye for beauty and symmetry. Coupled with his background in Surgery which he developed a sound understanding of facial anatomy and a pair of steady hands, David decided to further pursue a focus practice in Facial Aesthetics. He is dual certified by the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group (Singapore) and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) to perform a large range of procedures, such as Botulinum Toxin injections, dermal fillers and lasers. He is also an alumnus and holds a certificate in Clinical Dermatology from the National Skin Centre (Singapore).

David practises Facial Aesthetics based on his belief that less is more and that every face is unique. He is known amongst his patients for his ability to perform procedures that complement and enhance the entire face. Through comprehensive consultation, meticulous attention to detail and a keen aesthetic eye, he is able to tailor procedures to the specific needs of each individual, to deliver naturally beautiful results.



Dr Edmond Phua graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 2006. Following his graduation, he underwent rotations in both medical and surgical departments in various public hospitals. He also underwent several years of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care training before joining the private sector. He subsequently obtained his postgraduate diploma in Family Medicine and is also an accredited Family Physician since 2011.

Dr Phua has also been accredited since 2011 in various aesthetic procedures such as fractional laser, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation laser, chemical peel, botox and filler injections by the Singapore Medical Council. During his time as a family physician in the private sector, he discovered his passion and interest in medical aesthetics after encountering numerous patients with skin problems. He saw how his patients feel more confident as their skin conditions improved with the combination of medical and aesthetic treatments. This spurred him to do medical aesthetics full time, and he has not looked back since.

Dr. Wu Jiwei

Dr Wu Jiwei graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). He attained his post-graduate diploma in aesthetic medicine and completed the Masters course in Botulinum Toxin and Fillers under the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). 

He is currently a member of AAAM and is also certified by the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group (ADEG) and the Dermatology Society of Singapore (DSS) to perform procedures such as lasers, botulinum toxin injections and dermal filler injections.  His interest for aesthetics developed when he was doing his dermatology rotation as a Medical Officer and he subsequently went on to receive training in aesthetic medicine from various experts from the UK, USA and Korea. He has a special interest in anti-ageing procedures and non-surgical facelift through the use of dermal fillers and thread lift.  

During his free time, he likes to go to the gym and keep up to date with the latest developments in block chain technology. 

Dr. Daniel Chang


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, Singapore) Member of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS, Ireland) Master of Science with Distinction (MSc Lond)

Dr Daniel Chang is an experienced physician with a profound passion for beautifying people. He is dedicated to educating patients and teaching fellow medical professionals in aesthetics and dermatology. As a physician trainer, he actively shares his clinical knowledge with fellow doctors and dentists regionally, on threadlift, filler, botox and laser work.

*I believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their very best. I am most grateful that my work allows me to give them awesome dreams. This gives me profound purpose in my work.” – Dr Daniel Chang

And a glimpse into his Personal and not so Private life Dr Daniel is a Catholic, devoted husband and father of 3 bohemian princesses.  When he is not busy chasing after his kiddos, Daniel is dreaming about retiring in a great big farmhouse at the foot of a hill, where a freshwater stream flows, trouts fly, and sheep dance across the sky. Also, he always wanted to do graffiti art at a friend’s house, so dearest friends, beware. He is a firm advocate of mental health issues, raising awareness for what truly matters. He is with a think-tank of likeminded surgeons and physicians regionally and loves curling up on his sofa with a simple good read. -         LivesofSG -         LivesofAsia -         Bookclub

Dr. Kenneth Long

Dr Kenneth graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). He was subsequently accepted and trained rigorously for many years in various surgical subspecialties at different training institutes under the National Healthcare Group (NHG). He completed his post-graduate surgical qualifications from the prestigious Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (RCPSG). His surgical skills honed during his training years enable him to perform aesthetic procedures accurately and precisely.

Dr Kenneth is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and has completed his post-graduate diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. He is certified by the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group (ADEG) to perform numerous aesthetic procedures. He believes in life-long learning and participates in both local and overseas conferences and workshops. He also continuously updates himself on new aesthetic techniques and applications in the medical field to better himself for his patients.

Dr Kenneth is an avid sportsman and loves a good soccer kickaround every week with his buddies. He also loves travelling with his wife and two young daughters, exploring new places and embarking on new adventures. He also loves indulging in a good cup of home brewed pour-over coffee every morning, experimenting with different coffee beans, grind size, pour-over techniques, and types of coffee drippers to create new taste flavours.

Dr Cheak Wan Ying

Dr. Cheak is a Ministry of Health-accredited Doctor in Singapore with special interest in Aesthetics and Dermatology. She has undergone restructured hospital postings including anaesthesia, emergency medicine, general medicine, general surgery and paediatrics medicine. Dr Cheak has been practicing medicine for over 15 years in restructured hospitals and private clinics - covering aesthetics medicine, family medicine, preventive medicine and health screening.

With pure true passion, Dr Cheak decided to pursue her interest further within cosmetic dermatology.

Dr Cheak has been certified in various aspects of aesthetic medicine by the Aesthetic Dermatology Educational Group (ADEG) accredited with Singapore Medical Council (SMC), including use of anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers, medical lasers, skin tightening devices and IPL.

Dr Cheak constantly hones her skills and medical knowledge through local and overseas seminars, conferences and courses.

As each patient is distinctly different from one another, Dr Cheak focuses heavily on tailoring the best treatment plan for each patient. She believes in putting the interest of her patient’s first and takes time to listen and understand what they want before recommending only the most effective and suitable treatment plan for them to help them achieve their dream results.

Dr Cheak also takes great effort in ensuring her patients are comfortable, and treatment to be as pain-free as possible at any stage. Many patients are fazed by how skilful Dr Cheak’s hands are and the end results that she delivers.

In her free time, Dr Cheak enjoys fun activities with her boys and furry kid. She is also passionate about drawing and calligraphy.

Dr Cheak Wan Ying
Medical Doctor

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